Middle Croatia and Zagreb Culture

Medvescak Hockey

The Medvescak Bears have really made a break through these past few years as the only professional hockey team in the city. Playing against teams mostly from Slovenia and Austria, the games are loud, proud and an all in all good time! A full house is very likely, so if you want to join in the fun and fights, look into buying your ticket early.

Folk Dance

Each region in Croatia is proud of its traditional costumes and folk dances, especially here in the capital city. The National Theater is a great place to catch a show, but on holidays you will see the dancers fill Ban Jelanic Square. I attended an actual rehearsal and I can tell you that they take this very serious and are all extremely talented individuals. I tried to dance the “lado” and after hours of practice, I finally picked it up!

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia is blessed to have eight national parks and Plitvice is by far my favorite. Plitvice is the largest national park and was founded in 1949. Made up of 16 lakes all connected with waterfalls, the park will take a complete day to tour the entire surface. You will also be able to take boats to connect you from the upper lakes to the lower lakes. With more than 100 waterfalls, the turquoise blue water changes colors throughout the day and is so clear you can see every fish living in the park. My favorite site in the park is making it to the largest waterfall on the route of the lower lakes, Veliki Slap. Hotel accommodations are available at the park and no matter what time of year you travel to the park, each season is different and beautiful. If you decide not to stay the night near the park, it is approximately 2.5 hours from Zagreb.