Zadar and Šibenik Adventure

Rock Climbing

For the best rock climbing in Croatia and perhaps in Europe, Paklenica National Park is the place to do it. Velebit is the area of the park designated for this activity and where the world championships are held each May.

Donkey Races

So you are probably thinking why donkey races exist? I can tell you that the donkey was once seen as a noble animal and was treated like family to the working families. Every family had a donkey during one time and while some still roam wild throughout Croatia, others continue to work on the farms or they are just pets. I went to Farma Kukurin in Jezera to visit a donkey farm. While I was there I participated in a donkey race! Each summer the entire village gathers in the street as the competitors walk with their donkeys down the street to show off their steed! Then in a field, the donkeys will race, the crowds will cheer and local wine will be drunk! It is quite the event and if you are in this area during the summertime, also check out villages like Tribunj to see when they will have their annual donkey race!