Are you planning to travel to Europe this summer? If so, book your trip with AmCro Travel, a US based travel company that specializes in organizing trips for Americans. Check out the giveaway they are doing for a free week in Croatia! Enter Here:  #WOWINCROATIA2019

Rules and conditions of the prize game:

  • Booking through AmCro Travel is mandatory. A booking also can be made through your travel agents with AmCro Travel.
  • Travel Agents can participate
  • The booking for 2019 starts on 01 August 2018 and ends on May 30th by 12 pm UTC – 8, DST/PDT (UTC-7)
  • Announcement of the winner on 01 June 2019 in Hotel Osejava, Makarska, Croatia, which will host the winner for a week.
  • The announcement of the winner will be with all the legal obligations on prize games with the presence of impartial witnesses
  • Details of the giveaway trip: vacation for two persons or 2 + 1 (child under 12), family trip or trip for a couple (no terms of age, sex or any other kind of discrimination), accommodation in boutique hotel Osejava or similar, daily tours through Croatia included in the prize.
  • For more details please check the linkSpecial offers or contact us directly on

Application rules

  • Each booking from 1 August enters in the prize draw
  • By the AmCro terms & conditions, minimum of 30 % of the trip price that client have choosed must be paid within booking of the trip. At that point the client is applied for a giveaway trip #wowincroatia2019.
  • 30% of deposit that client have paid within booking is refundable to the Winner client.
  • If the price of their tailor made trip is higher than our giveaway trip, you will pay just a price difference
  • The total value of the trip is $ 6750
  • After the announcement, the winner will receive a 100% return of the deposit he made when booked for the trip
  • If you book, e.g. Italy (or somewhere else in Croatia), with AmCro travel, you will get another week in Croatia according to the above details of the prize
  • If you booked your travel just for a week in Croatia and win WOW in Croatia 2019, we will change your itinerary according the winner prize or just add to your booked itinerary, according to the client’s wishes
  • All details about the date of arrival and the entire trip will be agreed with the Winner

For any further information, please email us