Why Every Guy Should Date A Girl Who Travels


Traveling around the world is hard to keep up with, but surely there’s someone out there to do it alongside you, right? I know lots of women (including myself) who are always getting asked this question, “Why are you single?” My response is usually, “Does it look like I am having a bad time?”

Here are 7 reasons why every guy SHOULD date a girl who travels.

1. We aren’t needy– Having a routine is very rare so being able to adjust to every situation is what becomes our routine.

2. We eat everything – Traveling the globe means eating almost anything and everything out of exploration and curiosity. You don’t have to worry about a picky eater when you date a real traveler.

3. We are confident – When you don’t want to talk, don’t stress, we are fine in every situation because we know what we want. We have been in some of the most bizarre situations and always manage to find our way in and out of everything.

4. We are adventurous– Who doesn’t want someone who will keep every day exciting? Just leave it to us to plan as we can’t help but seek adventure.

5. We are problem solvers– Don’t worry about leaving matters up to us because we are strong, independent and even if we don’t always come out on top, we will have given it our all in every scenario.

6. We will keep things exciting– We always have a story so you don’t need to worry about bringing us as a date somewhere. We can entertain all people from all walks of life.

7. We aren’t afraid to move – we have it in our blood to always be on the move, so moving for a relationship won’t be a problem for us.

So next time you are contemplating whether or not to ask the wanderer out on a date, give it a second thought because she might even take you on the next trip with her!