Turkey Adventure

Bosphorous Boat Ride

Across from the Egyptian Bazaar is the lifeblood of Istanbul, the Bosphorous.  Stretching 32 km the waterway separates Europe from Asia and a ride down this strait is a fun trip to see the prime waterfront real estate, the Bosphorous Bridge, and palaces and fortresses of the city.

Turkish Bath

Another popular tradition in Turkey is the Turkish Bath or hamam. Known as part of the social life of Turkey, men and women would congregate at the baths. After going to separate areas, the men and women lie on marble slabs where they are scrubbed and washed with bubbles. Visiting a Turkish bath is a “must do” on the list of Turkish traditions.  It is very relaxing and something you can tell you friends about back home.  However, it did take me a little while to relax because everyone told me that it was going to hurt.  Well, I am going to warn you that it doesn’t hurt, but they believe in removing a layer of your skin so the scrubbing is intense.  You also won’t be doing the scrubbing, someone else will- so don’t be shy.