Tunisia Adventure

Camel Ride

I had so many different landmarks to see in Tunisia, that actually high flying fun adventure wasn’t something I was looking to find too much of in this north African country.  I was able to find one activity that was very interesting where I least expected it: on a beach near Bizerte. Yes, I was able to take a camel ride on the beaches of this resort town in North Africa! Camels are common In Africa and tourist have the opportunity to ride them in a few different locations.  I personally think a ride along a beautiful beach sounds like the best choice, but there are trips that can be arranged to take caravans in the Sahara Desert as well. You can go for a few hours, overnight or longer but I do believe it is wise to investigate the company you are going to hire; you will want to find out about accommodations in the desert and what exactly to expect. Also, apparently it is a myth that the camel will spit on you.