Wonders of

Join Ashley Colburn as she uncovers the WONDERS of Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia and Switzerland in her adventure filled series through Europe’s most breathtaking destinations.

On “Wonders of Croatia” Ashley Colburn journeys through a land that Americans have yet to discover. Neighboring Italy along the Adriatic Sea- Croatia is unspoiled, and holds the ingredients to fulfill every traveler. From the clear turquoise waters, 1246 islands, wine roads, natural wonders and delectable tastes- one will not go hungry.  While Ashley travels, the Croats tell their stories of their land, hardships and why Croatia will always be their home.

On “Wonders of Slovenia” Ashley Colburn travels through the gem of Eastern Europe.  At just half the size of Switzerland, Slovenia is blessed with a variety of landscapes from a strip of coastline to a mountain range making up the symbol of the country, Triglav National Park.  Divided into three episodes, Ashley journeys through Eastern, Central and Western Slovenia finding the people and stories that bring the dynamic country to life! Undeniably Slovenia’s capturing nature is one for all to see and Ashley covers it all by sky, sea and land.

On “Wonders of Latvia” Ashley Colburn searches for the history and tradition that is found deep within the Latvians.  One of three Baltic states, Latvia’s rich forest holds the magic of Gauja National Park where Ashley rafts, canoes, treks, rides and bungees through the largest National Park in the country, totaling 92 hectares. She finds the thrill of nature, tastes the brews and uncovers the history of surrounding castles.

On “Wonders of Switzerland” 150 years are being celebrated in the glamorous village of St. Moritz where the rich and famous gather and Ashley experiences the mountain luxury.  In the Jungfrau region Ashley visits UNESCO glacier sites and rides the steepest cable car in Europe continuously surrounded with beautiful landscapes.  From early morning cheese making to yodeling through the Alps, the real adventure and training begins in Zermatt where Ashley trains to climb the sixth most dangerous mountain in the world, the Matterhorn.  See if she makes it to the pinnacle to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first climb by Edward Whymper.