The Backseat- A new perspective on traveling

I thought that I knew the best way to see the world, then I got on the back of a motorcycle. Bold statement? Well, try it and then get back to me and maybe you will also agree that it was one of the most fascinating feelings in the world. So you might ask, “Were you experienced?” The answer is no, not at all- in fact I had never been on a motorcycle before. It was completely safe,  even though I will admit I didn’t tell my mom what I was doing. Geared up from head to toe (literally), Moto Adventure Croatia professionals Dino and Ivan made sure my friend Perrie and I were totally equipped. The best part is they were so experienced that I had no worries the entire trip- except for the fact that I had to pack for the week in a tiny backpack.


Our trip started in Croatia in the region of Istria, the northwestern peninsula in the country. Full of rolling hills, windy roads and vineyards, this is a motorcyclists dream. I have traveled extensively through Croatia and since Moto Adventure Croatia leads trips throughout Europe, Perrie and I decided we would have them take us to Lake Como. Our adventure was one week, 6 days on the bike and one rest day on the lake. Here are the highlights:

DSC04027Passo Stelvio

We were told that Passo Stelvio is every motorcyclists dream and we got to do it towards the beginning of our first ride. Located in northern Italy, the pass has an elevation of 2,757 meters. Winding back and forth during the ascend, it was a thrilling experience with every corner offering a better view than the last. One thing is for sure, this is a place where I would only want to see it if I was on a motorcycle. Some people tried to climb the road with a car and it just wasn’t right, they couldn’t even make the turns. This ride was when I felt the motorcycle culture, waving to them all and feeling a sense of family. At the top of the pass there is a restaurant with a great view of the road- its worth a stop to stare at the famous road that you just conquered!

Passo Gavia

When I thought the ride couldn’t get any better, we rode on Passo Gavia – a high mountain pass in the Italian Alps. The road is narrow making it again only logical to be riding a motorcycle. With blue skies and greenery surrounding us, it was like I was lost in a whole new world. I really felt like James Bond on a high speed chase during parts of the ride.  The alps were something truly special and won’t ever forget that feeling on the back of a bike.


Lake Como

Celebrities have flocked to Lake Como for years, but all I knew about it was George Clooney had a house there. Wow, was I in for a treat the moment we caught glimpse of this breathtaking lake. To me Lake Como is what people would imagine Italy to be, but it really did exist. When we pulled up to the ferry to travel to the town of Bellagio, every view got better and better. From Bellagio we rode a narrow road to Lezzeno where we stayed in a charming apartment at Hotel Villa Aurora ( We had a day to rest and break up our trip and we really didn’t even need to leave our hotel. With access to a boat, sundeck, water trampolines and a restaurant with a view- we were in paradise. While the day on the lake was a perfect mix of sun and relaxation, we were extremely excited to get back on the bikes the next day.


Lago di Garda

Moto Adventures Croatia offered us more than just a wonderful ride, but so many surprises each day. Our next stop was Lago di Garda and our guides took us to explore the castle, get an ice cream and enjoy a lunch on the lake. We then drove around the lake to a secret spot our guides scouted a few weeks before. This was one of the most unique and charming hotels I have ever been to perched at the top of a narrow, windy road.   With access to a gondola, just a short ride away, we took the gondola to the top of the Alps to have the best view of the lake.

As I reminisce about the trip, one thing is for sure- NEVER have I felt so cool in my life than riding a motorcycle. During our 4-5 hour rides each day I used my senses enjoying the surroundings with no cell phone, music or worries. I was truly able to enjoy the ride and relax on this vacation that I was longing for, which happened to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world. My life was in the control of someone I trusted wholeheartedly and I am counting down the next time I get to experience another adventure in the backseat!


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