Thailand Adventure

Tuk-Tuk Ride

Upon arrival in Bangkok, I rode in a tuk-tuk (a 3 wheeler/autorickshaw) through the city to Tuk-Tuks are a great way to travel in this city of extreme traffic. Make sure that you negotiate your price before you take off and keep your arms and legs inside for safety, but enjoy the ride!  For those over 6 feet, you might have a hard time fitting.

Muay Thai

For evening entertainment, you might want to visit a Thai boxing match. The sport is called the “art of 8 limbs” and really appears that limbs are flying everywhere when the boxing match is started. Very popular in Thailand, the boxers compete in 5 rounds of 3 minutes each.  There are two places where you can catch a match: Lumpinee Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium.

Zip Lining

I was able to see what the rain forest was really like by experiencing a Jungle Flight; a rainforest canopy adventure that included 15 zip lines, swinging bridges, and a few tricks.   I first thought I was going to fly over the jungle on an airplane, not so much.  It was a great time for a little excitement in the forest.  The whole experience takes several hours, but the staff is great and will let you stop for water breaks (they provide bottled water) and even bathroom breaks (and yes, it is a REAL bathroom).  Here is what you do need to bring: BUG SPRAY!

Train an Elephant

Near Chiang Mai was the highlight of my trip, the elephant conservation center. Elephants are very important in Thailand and each elephant has a keeper (mahout) from birth.  They are treated with extreme care, as many believe that in one lifetime Buddha was an elephant.  I was able to act as a mahout for my elephant (her name meant good luck in Thai).  I gave her a bath and rode her and demonstrated the intelligence in a show given for nearby school children.  She put my hat on my head with her trunk and performed other tricks as well.  It’s a good thing that the elephant knew what to do because I could not understand a word in the show.  The experience was priceless and I can’t wait to travel there again to find my elephant in the jungle.  Truly an incredible animal!

Thai Massage

So some might not consider this an adventure, but I have to say I have never been twisted in so many directions!  The best thing about getting services like massages in Thailand, is the price!  After walking through the city, trying to fit in the tuk-tuk, and braving the crowds, a Thai massage is a must in Thailand!