Sri Lanka Culture

Spice Gardens

You might be surprised to know that some of your favorite spices were brought to America from this area: cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, the list goes on. During early historical times, Sri Lanka known as Taprobane was known for their spices and the Greeks, Romans, and Arabics kept their links with Sri Lanka through the Spice Trade. One of the reasons Sri Lanka was so desired was its rich soil that produced so many spices for the world. Once it was discovered by Portuguese, cinnamon became one of the most popular spices to trade. The hills and hot to cold climate is what makes spices in Sri Lanka thrive. Taking a tour through one of many spice gardens is a unique experience and you might be surprised to find that throughout your time in Sri Lanka, spices are always incorporated, in your drinks, cuisine, even massages!

Tea Plantation

I have been to several coffee farms around the world, but never to a tea plantation. Located in the hills of Nuwara Eliya, the high altitude has an average temperature of 16 degrees C. This area of Sri Lanka has been influenced by the British and is called” Little England.” The slow-growing tea bushes in the area produce some of the finest tea in all the world. Several tea factories around the area offer guided tours and the opportunity to sample the teas. Plucking tea leaves is not easy, as I discovered when I tried out the job if only for a few minutes. The young light green leaves are the best flavor and it is quite an interesting process to see how leaves become the tea we enjoy in our cup. You will appreciate your cup of tea after seeing exactly how the tea is made.


By far Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka, brought by the English when they settled on the island destination. You will see the sport being played just driving along the road. Don’t be afraid, pull over and watch a match. That is exactly what I did, and then even let me play. For all of you Americans reading this, look up some of the rules beforehand, as I decided to hit the ball and throw the paddle (just like baseball). I embarrassed myself a little bit to say the least.