Slavonia History

Slavonia took the biggest hit during the war in Croatia, however while the damage is still visible in some smaller towns, the region has been rebuilt and is one of the biggest farming regions in the country. The capital of the region is Osijek and to be honest, it soon became one of my favorite cities. A large amount of Croats live in this region because this is where the employment lies.


Osijek is often referred to as the capital of the region. By far one of my favorite cities in Croatia, life seemed to move at a different pace in this landlocked city. In 1809, Osijek was granted the title of a Free Royal City and during the early 19th century it was the largest city in Croatia. The city developed along the lines of other central European cities, with cultural, architectural and socio-economic influences filtering down from Vienna and Buda. During the war in Croatia, from 1991 to 1995, the city avoided heavy destruction (unlike nearby Vukovar, for example) and sustained moderate damage, especially to the centre and Co-cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul and to the periphery. More than a thousand (civilians also died in the daily shelling of the town. On the other hand, at least five Croatian officials were condemned for war crimes against Serb civilians in Osijek, including General Branimir Glavaš. While some buildings still have mild damage, most often the occasional superficial pockmark from artillery and mortar fire, the city’s façades are generally in good shape, due to extensive restoration in recent times, preserving the charm of its intricate Austro-Hungarian Baroque architecture in the older quarters of town.

Kopacki-Rit Nature Park

Bordering Serbia, Kopacki-Rit Nature Park is comprised of the Danube and Drava Rivers forming one of the largest wetlands in Europe. The best way to see the park is by boat and I suggest keeping an eye out for 260 various bird species and 40 different fish species. I had the opportunity of also spotting some wild boars and deer. The flora and fauna is beautiful and changing throughout the year, so any time of the year will make the visit special.