Slavonia Culture

Osjecko Beer Factory

Slavonia is where Croatia’s biggest wineries are, but it is also home to one of Croatia’s biggest beers, Osjecko. The factory is located in Osijek and is worth a tour. You will find the beer throughout the country, however this was the first factory in the country.

Licitar Hearts

The famous licitar hearts can be seen throughout all of Croatia, but in Osijek, the Blazekovic family has a shop and factory where you can see the entire process. Made out of a traditional gingerbread cookie, each one is hand painted and designed with love. At Christmas time you will find lots of hearts shaped into ornaments. This is the perfect souvenir to take home with you and the greatest part is it will fit in your suitcase.

St. Martin’s Day

On November 11 each year in Croatia, St. Martin’s Day is celebrated. Now, many Croats will say that it is just another day to party and drink, but the real meaning is when the young wine is ready to drink! During the day communities will feast, dance and of course drink celebrating this special day. I happened to be in Slavonia- the largest wine producing region which made the day extra special!