History of Seychelles Islands

Taking almost two days to get there- I can tell I was never more excited to land, especially when it was in paradise.  Made up of 115 islands, it’s another world, a secluded getaway that also happened to be the destination for the royal couple’s honeymoon (while I was there)!

This secluded getaway was deserted until the French drifted ashore in 1742.  Later, this French colony was succeeded to the British during the French Revolution and was operated under British rule for 162 years before gaining independence in 1976.  Boasting with 115 granitic and coralline islands, the main island and most inhabited is called Mahe.  It’s also the home to the capital city, named after Queen Victoria in 1848 and recognized as the smallest capital city in the world.  The majority of the inhabitants are referred to as Creoles, a mix of European, African and Asian decent, speaking both English and French.  With a variety of cultures migrating to the islands, the island quickly developed into an agriculture hot spot, with its perpetual summer temperatures and rich granitic soil.