History of Rio

Located on a strip of the Atlantic Coast in South America, Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city found nestled between forests, mountains and the sea.

Discovered in January 1502 by Portuguese settlers, the town was called Rio de Janeiro “river of January” because they thought Guanabara Bay was the mouth of a river. Considered one of the most stunning settings in the world, Rio also has a exceptional architectural heritage, with the best museums and galleries, wonderful restaurants and a vibrant nightlife – in addition to its legendary beaches. With so much to see and do, a trip to Rio can easily fill a week of your vacation.

Jardim Botanico

Walking through the Jardim Botanico, 350 acres of flora from Brazil and other countries, I was able to relax and enjoy Rio’s unique urban nature. A highlight of these gardens which were founded in the 19th century by Portuguese King Joao VI is the Orquidario, where hundreds of delicate orchids (my favorite flower) can be seen.

Contemporary Art Museum

If a sudden rainfall hits, you can head over to Niteroi and explore the Musea de Arte Contemporanea, a space age building designed by famous Brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer. There is a ferry that take passengers over to Rio’s sister city while letting you enjoy the view of the turquoise waters.