Croatia Tours

“The Heart of Europe” Tour – featuring Central Croatia

The capital city bustles in fashion, history and sports fans! This European hot spot is a land home to nobility surrounded with nature full of riches. Come join in on tradition while exploring the color of central Croatia.

Zagreb is a quaint and lively city full of life and history. We will take you on a private tour through the cities most interesting sites. On this tour you will explore the beautiful countryside of continental Croatia. You’ll get to explore the sights and tastes of Medjmorje’s finest wine varieties and then journey to Croatia’s finest castles, and make you feel royal!

In the country’s capital you will have the opportunity to dine at some of Croatia’s finest restaurants, explore the Dolac morning market, visit the ornamented Cathedrals and enjoy people watching in the main squares which hold the life of the city.
As we leave the capital behind you will get lost in the greenery of Medjmorje County, home to some of the countries sweetest white wines, you can sample all the varieties with private tastings at local, small family run vineyards.
If you didn’t know castles were in Croatia, you are in for a real treat as we explore Veliki Tabor and Trakoscan – dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

Making our way south, we will enter the region of Lika which is cold in the winter and hot in the summer with beautiful valleys and natural wonder, including one Croatia’s most prized possessions, Plitvice Lakes National Park – home to 16 lakes connected with waterfalls. No matter what season you visit Croatia, Plitvice is always worth coming back to see again!

Continue to enjoy your time in nature, experiencing adventure of Lika with canoeing down the Gacke before making your way back north for departure. We will make sure you have the time of your life in Central Croatia!


“Sea Seekers” Tour – featuring Dalmatia Coastline

Life moves at a different pace along the cultural center of Dalmatia. Surrounded by some of the most spectacular islands, go island hopping to the best by ferry and wherever the wind takes you. A playground for sports, it’s thee place to try it all- from belly flops of picigin to wind surfing crash landings- you can dive into it all in the beautiful region of Dalmatia.

Split is Croatia’s second largest city and famous for the Diocletian Palace founded by Emperor Emeritus in AD 305. Nearby Salona was the capital of Dalmatia and where the Diocletian first built his palace. Christianity was introduced in Salona, and it soon became the metropolitan diocese of Dalmatia until the Avars and Slavs leveled the city in the year 614. Escaping to Split, this is where a new life began. The palace is one of the most preserved monuments of the Late Classical Period in Europe. The heavily protected enclave holds the history of the city.

Departing from Split, you will take a short ferry ride to the island of Brac which is recognized for its stone and some of the best windsurfing in the world. From there you will reach the island that yacht lovers travel to from around the world, the astonishing island of Hvar. Keep your eyes peeled for celebrities soaking in the summer sunshine and partying at the nightclubs until the early hours of the morning.

From Hvar you too can explore a new world visiting the island of Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo! You can visit his home and try the special cake that has his name on it! After your island adventures we will take you through the Peljasac peninsula where you can try the rich red wines of the region, making your way to the southern tip of Croatia, Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik’s old town is the perfect place to end your trip through Dalmatia with a walk around the walls, stroll down the Stradun and dining with a Croatian sunset on the beautiful Dalmatia Coastline!


“Taste of Culture” Tour- featuring Istria

It’s some of the most treasured land – where the spirit of the people creates a community full of tradition. The history belongs to the inhabitants and has developed into a food lover’s haven. Every grape, tree, shell, and animal brings rich rewards, but the hands that prepare them are even more prized. Come learn the trades, walk where Roman walked, ride to fairytale lands and immediately become accepted into local families. Life here flourishes, making the versatility of Istria one to suit every taste.

Istria is made up of a beautiful coastlines as well as valleys full of vineyards often compared to Tuscany. The rooftop villages were built for defense purposes, but today look like enchanting fairytales. Food lovers can go crazy in Istria as each flavor is unique, local and made with great care.

The tour will start off visiting a local olive oil producer. In the fall the olives are harvested and if you are lucky you can watch the process from the tree to the mill. Olive trees live to be hundreds of years old taking time to produce the perfect fruit. You will get to taste a variety of olive oils each coming from different age groups and be told the important things to look for when selecting what many refer to as “gold.”

Experience the other local specialties of Istrian prosciutto and its special taste, the wines of Malvasija and Teran and take a boat ride to fetch your own oysters from the sea!
During the fall months you can also experience “Tartufi Days” and join the dogs as you hunt through the Motovun forest for the mysterious black and white truffles!

The architecture in Istria is untouched! Mostly recognized for the Roman Amphitheater, you will get to avoid the crowds of Rome and visit the third best preserved Arena in the world. In the fishing village of Porec we will take you through the Basilica dating back to Byzantine times.

When it comes to adventure, imagine a sunrise by hot air balloon as you fly over mountain top villages, horseback ride along the beach and take a VIP tour through former President Tito’s former home on Brijuni Islands! Istria is waiting…for you!

“A Destination Year Round” Tour- featuring Slavonia

Tradition runs deep and the locals make sure you will eat, drink…and drink again. Continental Croatia’s abundance of land allows you to explore indefinitely and is a place where wildlife runs free. Handmade sweets come from the heart and every legend comes alive. It’s a wild ride as you explore the roads and vineyards in the region of Slavonia.

Slavonia is rich with so much to see with a landscape full of open space, nature parks, vineyards and crazy adventure! You will begin your tour in the capital of the region, Osijek. The city is full of character where you will do a walking tour through the old town and then proceed to the famous beer factory, Osjecko! Taste your way through the factory and then delight yourself with a stop by the licitar hearts shop! These gingerbread cookies are made from the heart and make the perfect souvenir for your trip through Croatia!

You will proceed to the region of Baranja to visit the nature park, Kopacki Rit. You will then visit a typical Baranja home and taste traditional cuisine with the locals. After eating the rich food of Slavonia, its time to try the wines of the region! Some of Croatia’s largest wine producer’s are in the Baranja area and are ready to take you through their top notch facilities. If you are awaiting adventure, you can hold on for a wild ride off-roading through the vineyards and open land.

Your journey through the countryside will continue as you travel to the beloved Dakovo to visit the beautiful farm of Lipizzaner horses. Take a carriage ride around the farm and stop by Stallion Station in the heart of the town. You will also fall in love with the horses.

Before your trip ends, you will want to explore some of Slavonia’s most historic destinations and hidden fortresses. Hike up to the top of Ruzica grad and hear the legends of this ancient fort. You never know, the legend might come alive!


Land to Sea

Our tour will begin on the beautiful Adriatic coast – in the city of Split – the largest city on Adriatic coast – with many interesting things to see, such as the centuries old Diocletian Palace and the medieval quarter surrounding the city. You will also explore the surrounding islands, including the islands of Brac, Hvar and Pakleni Islands.

As we make our way up the coast we will visit the National Park Krka which offers a rich and diverse natural life. Next we will head toward Opatija, one of the most famous touristic destinations in Croatia; the stunning Risnjak National Park in the region of Gorski Kotar – one of the most unspoiled natural forest environments in Europe. We will also visit the centre of Gorski Kotar region, the town of Delnice, which boasts numerous walks in the green and trim tracks, as well as several natural and cultural heritage sites. Next we will stop in a picturesque town of Fuzine, built in the 17th century.

Our journey through the unforgettable scenery of continental Croatia will continue as we visit the town of Ogulin, located in the northwestern part of Croatia; the city of Zagreb – Croatia’s capital; the Bear Mountain (Sljeme), which has many medieval fortresses. Finally, we will make our way toward the region Slavonia, where we will explore the town of Djakovo, Vukovar and Osijek. All of which have many archeological and historic sites that will fascinate you. Our tour will end in the city of Zagreb.

Treasure Discovery

On this tour we will take you to visit some of the most beautiful places in this part of Europe, where you will see the stunning sights of Croatian continental region and the Dalmatian region. We will start our tour in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb and the surrounding region and make our way down to the Dalmatian coast as we visit the cities of Zadar – known as the city of lovers with one of the best sunsets in the world, the city of Sibenik in central Dalmatia and Split – known as the sporting capital of Croatia.

Also on the tour we explore the small city of Samobor, Plitvice lakes – an astonishing natural monument and a UNESCO World Heritage site; the town of Primosten, where you will enjoy some fun in the sun; the old town of Trogir with a fascinating 2300 year history. Heading further down the coast we will visit the town of Omis, a small town in southern Dalmatia, surrounded by the Cetina River and the Adriatic sea. Next we will head toward the Makarska Riviera, a popular tourist destination in Croatia, located in the heart of Dalmatia on a horseshoe shaped bay between the Biokovo Mountain and the Adriatic sea.

Our final destination will be the city of Split, which is the second largest city in Croatia, built around the palace that was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian.

Croatia – City to Country

On this tour we will take you to visit some of the most beautiful and historic cities and places in this part of Europe. Our journey will include a visit to Croatia’s capital, the city of Zagreb, the famous city of Opatija, and the the Istrian region – also known as the Tuscany of Croatia.

Our tour will begin in Zagreb, Croatia’s largest metropolitan city. Zagreb is a lively city with a fascinating history and is rapidly expanding and becoming one of the most exciting and modern cities in Europe.

Next we will visit the absolutely magnificent Trakoscan Castle, which is one of the most attractive and most visited castles in Croatia, and the city of Varazdin, located in the hills of the Zagorje region; followed by a visit to one of Croatia’s popular tourist destinations – Plitvice Lakes National Park – a perfect green oasis.

Later, we will head toward the town of Opatija, the lady of the Adriatic, which has beautiful old villas along the Opatija Riviera.

On the tour we will explore the majestic Istria region, a very unique and magnificent part of the Croatian coast. We will visit the towns of Hum and Motovun, where we will take you on the truffle hunting experience; the lovely towns of Porec and Rovinj; and finally, to the city of Pula, where you will visit the the Brijuni National Park, an oasis of the magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life. The tour will end in the city of Zagreb.

Island Adventure

Our Dalmatian Island Tour will leave you breathless, as you will embark on the journey cruising on a private yacht or gullet, which is a unique way to see this incredible region. These cultural and culinary cruises will take you to the most beautiful sites, coves, beaches and ports along the Dalmatian Coast, such as Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula, Hvar, Brac and Split.

We will start the tour in the lovely harbor of Cavtat, not far from the Old Town of Dubrovnik, where you will board the gullet as we make our way to the island of Mljet – one of Croatia’s national parks – featuring two endemic salt-water lakes; we will also visit the Trsteno Arboretum, the oldest arboretum in this part of the world. On board the gullet we will visit the historic island of Korcula, the birth place of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

Next we will visit the island of Vis – one of Croatia’s best kept secrets; the island of Hvar – known to many international and local travelers as one of the ‘hot spots‘ in Croatia and the trendiest destination on the Dalmatian coast; the island of Brac – best known for its famous white stone and for having the best beach in Croatia – ‘Zlatni Rat’. Finally, our tour will end in the beautiful city of Split, Croatia’s second largest city, coupled.

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