Adventure in Seychelles Islands

Private Island of Desroches

For the first time I was embarking to a Private Island.  I can assure you that it is even more spectacular than I ever imagined.  This was not going to only be the most relaxing time of my life, but also the most adventurous- I mean how adventurous is it traveling to a private island.  From the island of Mahe, I flew on a small private plane onto the runway where I was greeted with an ice cold towel and the entire staff who escorted me to my villa.  The villa was insane- private pool, wifi, beach access, and my favorite part- a coconut with a straw and umbrella waiting for me on the table!  While I was there, I had the opportunity of seeing a couple get married and I can tell you it was so beautiful and it doesn’t get more private.  The island is great because it just doesn’t have beautiful beaches, dining and accommodations.  There is so much to explore- you can rent a bike and visit the turtle sanctuary, find exclusive snorkeling spots and explore the palm tree farms.  There is just one resort on the island (like most islands in the Seychelles) and it is called Desroches Island Resort.  It could not get any better; you will have a butler assigned to you that will transport you to and from the restaurant and villa.  With chefs from around the world, the choice of cuisine is almost unheard of.  When I found out most people stay for up to 2 weeks on this private island I was at first surprised, but after just a few days I didn’t want to leave.  Each day you can decide to do whatever you want and there will be people waiting to serve you.  I went deep-sea fishing and while I was out on the clear blue waters and we spotted some dolphins so ended up jumping in to swim with them!  It doesn’t get more magical on a private island.  Oh, and when I left there was a new spa getting built, so I can only imagine it will be even more relaxing for my next visit.