Adventure in Split


Many of you probably don’t recognize this word do you?  Well, it was my first time hearing it when I was in Split.  I heard it first when I was on Bacvice Beach, the best place to play this belly flopping sport.  I found it very odd that many people were running around and looked like they were doing face plants into the water.  However, the reason this sport is played here is because the water level is consistent, making it a shallow field of water.  The object of the game is to keep the ball in the air, but to do this many put their life down for the ball.  This acrobatic ball hitting game is something like I’ve never seen and I can say that you will only see males playing it (for the most part) and there is a good reason for that.  I tried the sport and can tell you that a bikini and belly flops does not make a very good uniform.  I’m actually surprised I didn’t break both of my wrists during the fall.


The entire Dalmatian Coast is recognized for its magnificent sailing, however in Trogir, a nearby island to Split has some of the greatest sailors.  I went to the beautiful ACI marina in Trogir to meet up with my guide who would take me out on the turquoise waters (seriously turquoise!).  If your trip is not designed to see Croatia by the sea, at least take one day to sail around these medieval towns. Seeing a town like Trogir from the water will make you appreciate its beauty even more and you will understand why it was desired by so many.  The day trip sailing will allow you to explore the seas, relax and check out the mega-yachts that are making their way up and down the coast.  No matter where the wind takes you, it will be stunning.