Adventure in Dubrovnik

Water Polo

Split has soccer, Zagreb has hockey and Dubrovnik has water polo.  The first thing I found to be different was the water polo is played in the sea!  Coming from California in no way is this sport foreign to me, however we still play in pools!  I went to actually experience a real game.  We met a bar. Standard for Croatia. Then we rode a boat out to our opponents in a nearby coastal town.  Now the team also had fire extinguishers, drums , beers and of course all were dressed in their speedos- this was going to be an experience. The opposing team heard us coming and soon we played in marked off sea. Playing in the sea was great, however theirs no edge of the pool to hang onto when you are exhausted from this very physical sport- so this was a serious challenge for me. While the games are a ton of fun, the rest of the night is what most of players look forward to the most. During the game, the DJ, bartenders and BBQ extraordinaire set up the beach for the party of the summer! This was one of the best parties I have ever attended and let me tell you… the water polo players never get tired!

Horseback ride into sunset

I know that everyone has dreamed about riding a horse at sunset. Just imagine doing it along the Adriatic Sea with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

One of the many great things about Croatia is its size versus the amount of inhabitants makes so much of the land pure and untouched. Just about a 30 minute drive from Dubrovnik, you can visit Kojan Koral where this small riding center will allow you take a trail ride along the cliffs.