Adventure in Buenos Aires


About an hour drive from Buenos Aires is a specialty lodge called La Estancia Villa Maria, a beautiful complex out in the country. It is a wonderful place to stay but I went primarily to learn about the “Sport of Kings” horse polo. Literally some of the best players in the world come from Argentina. I was able to watch some of the best polo players in the world and try it out. Although I wasn’t perfect with the mallet, it was fun to ride horses and I truly have respect for the riders of these magnificent animals. If you want to escape into the country and smell the fresh air, this makes a great day trip!

Shopping for Leather!

The dollar will get you far in Argentina and some of the best shopping is found in Mercada Santelmo on Sundays. An open air market with plenty of antiques and collectibles, there is something for everyone at this market. If you are looking for leather, make sure you check out all the great leather goods in Buenos Aires. Jackets, purses, furniture and more can be found throughout the city. With beef as an important resource in the area, people want to buy leather goods and eat steak. So take a break from the shopping and grab some asado at Las Nazarenes, some of the best meat I have ever eaten!